Booking Terms

E & OE. Policies

Children Policy: No preference
Smoking Policy: Strictly No smoking in any part of any of the buildings.
Pet Policy: Dogs are allowed to stay in (only) Bramber Lodge bedroom. They are allowed into bars and the garden but neither restaurant.

Booking Terms

Updated: 24 March 2015

These Booking Terms are between The Castle Inn Hotel, our officers, employees and agents (‘We’/’Us’/’Our’)and the person or legal entity making the Booking (‘You/Your’).
These Booking Terms are for the provision of services by The Castle Inn Hotel named above and under the ‘Booking with’ section of the Booking Confirmation and the ‘Provider Information’ in the confirmation email.
These Booking Terms are governed by English law and apply to all Bookings except where We agree in writing to any other terms. By making a Booking You are deemed to accept and be bound by these Booking Terms.


Bookings are made and a contract between You and Us comes into effect when We accept a reservation from You. We will accept a reservation when We have confirmed Your reservation and received full payment of the total accommodation price quoted to You or in the event that We require a deposit equivalent to the value of the first night stay, when We have received full payment of the total value of the deposit or any other amount that We specify at the time of booking. Where a deposit is paid or any other amount that is less than the total value of the stay at The Castle Inn Hotel, the balance will be paid by You directly to The Castle Inn Hotel on either check-in or check-out or at an earlier date if so requested by direct communication between You and The Castle Inn Hotel.

Where You have selected Booking Extras at the time of booking and are making full payment (or Your stay is just for one night), the cost of the Booking Extra will be added to Your Booking and will be payable at the same time as the accommodation. Payment for the Booking Extra does not guarantee that the Booking Extra You have selected is available and in the event that The Castle Inn Hotel is unable to provide the Booking Extra, a refund will be processed by The Castle Inn Hotel for the value of the Booking Extra only. Failure to provide a Booking Extra does not entitle You to any waiver of any cancellation or other condition of these Booking Terms.

The Castle Inn Hotel will not be liable to You for any compensation payment in the event that a Booking Extra is not supplied as booked, but will ultimately be responsible for the processing of the refund in the event that You paid for the Booking Extra at the time of booking.

You must be able to enter into a legally binding contract and be over 18 years of age to make a booking.Bookings must be paid for using a valid credit or debit card or any other payment type specified.


All published rates include VAT where applicable at the current rate. You agree that The Castle Inn Hotel will not be liable for any additional expenses You may incur as a result of an error or omission.

Rates are per room per night. Rates do not include other costs You may choose to incur during Your stay (unless otherwise stated).

Rates quoted are correct (unless a pricing error occurs) only for the specific number of guests, nights and dates shown. Should You change the number of guests, dates or room nights, then the rates are subject to change. Should You book a room that is specifically for a certain configuration (e.g. 2 Adults and 2 Children) and Your Booking Party does not conform exactly to the specification, The Castle Inn Hotel will be liable to You for fulfilment of Your Booking and a refund will be made.


In the rare case that We cannot arrange for the delivery of Your requested accommodation, You will be offered alternate accommodation and if there is a difference in the Price, You will be liable for the price differential. If the differential is less than the original amount a refund of the difference will be made to You.

Arrival and departure

Check-in times are specified on Your Booking Confirmation. Should You wish to check-in outside of the times specified You must confirm this directly with The Castle Inn Hotel. In the event that You attempt to Check-in outside of the stated times without prior arrangement, The Castle Inn Hotel may cancel the booking and retain any amounts it isentitled to retain in accordance with the cancellation policy outlined below. The Check-out time is also specified on Your booking confirmation.

Cancellations and Amendments of rack rate rooms

If  You cancel or amend Your Booking within 48 hours of the DATE of arrival as printed on Your Booking Confirmation You will be charged the full amount of the first night of Your booking, including any Booking Extras.

If You have paid a deposit equivalent to the value of the first night and cancel Your Booking within 48 hours as outlined above, You agree that The Castle Inn Hotel named above can contact You to arrange payment of any balance outstanding on the Booking. If You need to cancel Your Booking more than 48 hours before the date of arrival a full-refund will be given including any Booking Extras, excluding perishable goods such as flowers, chocolates etc. which were paid for at the time of Your Booking.


To amend or Cancel Your Booking.

If you booked through a 3rd party cancellations and amendments must be conducted through that channel. If you have booked via or by telephone directly with The Castle Inn Hotel please contact The Castle Inn Hotel directly using the number contained within the Booking Confirmation. If You amend Your Booking within 48 hours of the date of arrival, and as a result You cancel any room night with less than 48 hours’ notice the cancellation conditions outlined above will apply.

Saver Rate Bookings.

Cancellations, Curtailments and Amendments of saver rate rooms.

This is a pay fully in advance rate and is only available on the website. It is Non-refundable; no cancelation or curtailment.


The total amount payable to confirm Your Booking is quoted in Your Booking Confirmation and will be charged to Your credit or debit card or any other payment type offered at the time of Booking.

Castle Hotel will be recorded as the merchant of record on Your card statement.

All additional goods and services purchased during Your stay must be paid in full directly with The Castle Inn Hotel.

The Castle Inn Hotel may be required to complete a pre-authorisation on Your credit /debit card on check-in and may require a security deposit. Any such arrangements are directly between You and The Castle Inn Hotel. You agree that You will satisfy all of The Castle Inn Hotels’ reasonable requests in this regard.

Conditions of stay

The Castle Inn Hotel will have some standard rules that are designed to ensure that they comply with regulations relating to matters such as fire, health and safety, and to enhance the comfort and wellbeing of their guests. If You would like to check the conditions of stay relating to The Castle Inn Hotel, please contact us on the telephone number included in the Booking Confirmation.

We reserve the right to terminate Your Booking immediately without being liable for any refund or compensation where You engage in unacceptable behaviour that causes a disturbance or nuisance to other guests at The Castle Inn Hotel. For the avoidance of doubt this includes being rude or abusive in any way to The Castle Inn Hotels’ staff.

The Castle Inn Hotel is strictly NO SMOKING in any part of the building. Anyone smoking in the building will be charged £100 plus any damages that are caused. If the FIRE ALARM is activated and the building is evacuated because of smoking in the room you may be liable to compensate other guest’s for inconvenience. If the FIRE BRIGADE is called because the FIRE ALARM is activated the charge is £250.


Other than for death or personal injury caused by Our negligence or misrepresentation, Our total liability to You is limited to the price of the Booking and to the fullest extent permitted by law all warranties are excluded and in no circumstances will We be responsible for any indirect or special damages.

We will not be liable for failure to perform to the extent that the failure is caused by any factor beyond Our reasonable control, including the provision of the service by The Castle Inn Hotel. You are responsible for any damage or loss caused to The Castle Inn Hotel, including any damage to their property by Your act, omission, default or neglect
and You agree to indemnify The Castle Inn Hotel and You agree to pay The Castle Inn Hotel on demand the amount reasonably required to make good or remedy any such damage or loss.

Data protection

We may process the information You provide to Us for the purposes notified by Us to the Information Commissioner. By making a Booking, You consent to this processing of information and the transfer of Your information to The Castle Inn Hotel as well as the booking channel, if applicable, through which Your booking originated.

Lost Property

Should you leave any belonging behind after your stay we will be happy to hold it for you. For it’s return you will be asked to send a self-addressed envelope or parcel. We will put your belongings in the sent envelope or parcel and take it to the Post Office for its return to you. We are unable to post items to you for later reimbursement.