Local Attractions

There are many lovely local attractions to visit whilst staying at The Castle Inn Hotel. Bramber, a quaint village nestled along the River Adur, north of Shoreham and adjacent to Steyning, is a hidden gem in the English countryside. Despite its small size, Bramber is a treasure trove of local attractions, rich in history and natural beauty.

Nearby Local Attractions & Points of Interest

One of its most notable sites is Bramber Castle. Although now mostly in ruins due to the Civil War, where it faced near destruction at the hands of the Roundheads, the remnants of Bramber Castle still stand as a testament to its past glory. This historic site, derived from the Saxon 'Brymmburh', meaning 'fortified place', was established by William de Braose post the Norman Conquest to oversee the then significant port on the River Adur.

Today, visitors can explore the impressive 75 feet high (24 meters) keep wall and parts of the perimeter wall in the northeast area of the site. The castle's mound, appearing as a natural gigantic motte, conceals a pre-conquest motte dating back to Saxon times, adding to the site's historical significance.

Another of Bramber's local attractions is St. Mary's House and Gardens. This Grade 1 Listed medieval house, constructed in 1470, is an architectural marvel with a plethora of outstanding and interesting features. As an enchanting 15th-century timber-framed house, it is nestled in the heart of the picturesque, award-winning downland village of Bramber, presenting itself as a place of both fascination and mystery to visitors.

Bramber Church: In addition to these landmarks, Bramber is home to the oldest Norman church in Sussex, St. Nicholas'. Originally built in 1075 as a chapel for the castle, it housed a small Benedictine college. While parts of the original nave still remain, the church underwent significant damage in the seventeenth century and subsequent Victorian restorations. The present chancel is uniquely housed in the original tower and transepts, with the church boasting a remarkable chancel arch, making it a gem in the South Downs and a must-visit local attraction.

Local Amenities

Bramber's local amenities also contribute to its charm and convenience for visitors. The village boasts a chemist, a newsagent, a hairdresser/barber, and a post office, all within a quarter-mile radius, ensuring that visitors have easy access to essential services while exploring the local attractions of this enchanting village.

Overall, Bramber's combination of historical sites, natural beauty, and convenient local amenities make it an ideal destination for those looking to explore the rich heritage and picturesque landscapes of West Sussex.